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Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique using ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ and is not connected to any belief system or religion. This energy is flowing abundantly around and within all living things. When we are in excellent health, there is a powerful flow of this energy through our bodies. However, during stressful times, this energy flow is slowed down or restricted, manifesting as illness, mental or emotional upset or a general feeling of ‘out of sorts’. Reiki is a way of channelling energy through the hands of a practitioner which are placed on or above different parts of the client’s fully-clothed body.

Reiki re-balances, heals and harmonises the recipient in a holistic way on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and accentuates the body’s own natural healing process. Reiki is particularly effective in relieving stress, depression and anxiety and helps to eliminate pain as well as accelerating the healing of injuries.

The healing energy flows to wherever it is needed in the body promoting a deep relaxation and a feeling of profound wellbeing and inner calm. Studies have shown that 1 hour of Reiki is the equivalent of 3-4 hours sleep. A single Reiki treatment therefore can be a very relaxing experience; however, a series of treatments can generally have a very positive effect on your whole being.

Reiki is suitable for people of all ages and in all states of health. Reiki is a safe, gentle and non-intrusive therapy that works by harmonising mind, body, emotions and spirit. This can help to kick-start your body’s own natural healing ability bringing you back to a more healthy and relaxed state

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